Festival in Chiang Mai

Bo Sang Umbrella Festival

At Bo Sang of San Kampheang District, which is one of the well-known home industries village, most of the people do the hand-made umbrella for a living. Bo Sang Umbrella Festival is held in January in Bo Sang Handicraft Centre. The festival features paper products, paper parasols in particular, cultural shows, a parade so called Mae Ying Kee Rod Teep Kang Chong (a group of women dress with Northern style, and ride bicycle while handing the umbrella) showing traditional ways of life, and several contests. 

Flower Festival

Visitors fall in love with a cool climate and charming winter in Chiang Mai. Flower Festival is held in the first week of February. The festival includes ornamental garden flower contest, floral floats parade and beauty pageants. The whole city covered and decorated with a ton of flowers, makes the Rose of Northern is so colorful.

Songkran Festival

From 13 to 15 April on the hottest time of the summer, Songkran Festival or water festival can make summer goes away. It’s also Thai’s New Year. People traditionally go back to their home town and spending time with family. The 13th of April is the Great Songkran day featuring the revered Phra Phutthasihing Buddha images are paraded all around the city for bathing, sand pagoda making, blessing of elders, and water splashing. 

Doi Suthep Pilgrimage

Buddish worshippers with white clothes and full of the inspired spirit gather to light candles and make the 7 kilometres  pilgrimage up to the temple on Wat Pra That Doi Suthep on the night of Visakha Bucha Day. 

City Pillar Inthakin Festival

At Wat Chedi Luang which is the City Pillar Inthakin located, the Pillar Inthakin Festival is held to invoke blessings of peace, happiness and prosperity for the city and its residents. It is held for 7 auspicious days and nights in the 7th lunar month.  

Yi Peng Festival

Yi Peng Festival or Loi Krathong festival is held annually on full moon night on 12th of lunar calendar which is mostly in November.  The festival features launching lanterns into the sky, floating Kratong into Ping river to worship the gods.  There are also Kratong contests, and beauty pageants and fireworks.