Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai known as The Rose of Northern Thailand,  is one of the popular tourist attraction and most of the tourists are dreamed about. Chiang Mai is a beautiful city with a proud history. This ancient city has a unique blend of cultures. People migrated from different tribes, finally settling in the LannaKingdom, forming a unique cultural identity.

One of the Chiang Mai’s most attractive features is its rich cultural heritage. Traditional Lanna arts, including handicrafts made of wood, silk and silver, are magnificent. The people of Chiang Mai are warm and gracious, and are especially hospitable to visitors. There are many attractions for tourists to visit year round.

From abundant mountain forests with beautiful waterfalls to striving city markets, there is much to explore and enjoy in Chiang Mai.

Come to Chiang Mai for a delightful, one of a kind discovery with a lifetime of memories in Thai Lanna,

The Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields and a Million Entertainments.

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